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Faculty of Technology
University of Portsmouth
Portland Building
Portland Street
Portsmouth, PO1 3AH, UK
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Third edition of Adrian's book
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Who I am

My research

My main research interests are in the development and application of intelligent computer systems.

A selection of current and recent projects:

  1. Healthy Data: improving data integrity for health information. Further details.
  2. Intelligent Computer Systems for Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Further details.
  3. Enhanced Blackboard System. Further details.
  4. A Creative Approach to the Control of Autonomous Flying Robots. Further details.
  5. Location Prediction for Mobile Location-Based Services. Further details.
  6. Evolutionary Computing in Dynamic Environments. Further details.
  7. Time-Series Forecasting using Optimisation Algorithms with Fuzzy Logic. Further details.
  8. Transform Ranking: a New Method of Fitness Scaling in Genetic Algorithms. Further details.
  9. The Role of Non-conceptual Content in the Navigation Skills of an Artificial Agent. Further details.
  10. High Performance Image Registration Using a Distributed Blackboard Architecture. Further details.
  11. Advanced Techniques for the Management of Geological Mapping. Further details.
  12. New Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Parameter Search. Further details.
  13. Artificial Intelligence for Classifying Oral Lesions. Further details.
  14. Computational Methods for the Operational Surveillance of Nuclear Power Plant. Further details.
  15. STORM: an Unsupervised Connectionist Model for Language Acquisition. Further details.
  16. Blackboard Architecture for Intelligent Embedded Systems. Further details.
  17. Intelligent Optimisation and Control of Low Temperature Plasma Processes. Further details.
See a list of my publications.

My interests

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