A Creative Approach to the Control of Autonomous Flying Robots

Research student:  Ben Passow
Supervisors:Mario Gongora
 Sophy Smith
 Adrian Hopgood
Project started:October 2007

Project summary

This project involves the development of an autonomous helicopter platform (Flyper) that is multi-purpose, small, and cheap. The first step was to achieve stable control using evolutionary tuning of a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller. From this basis, we have implemented a sound-based supervised method to localise the indoor helicopter and extract meaningful information to enable the helicopter to further stabilise its flight and correct its flightpath. Due to the high amount of uncertainty in the data, fuzzy logic is used in the signal processing of the sound signature.

This innovative use of sound information won the British Computer Society's Machine Intelligence Award in December 2009.

The project is a collaboration with De Montfort University's Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT).

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